White Mountain Area
Post 9907
Veterans of Foreign Wars


Post Home:

381 N. Central Ave.

Show Low, AZ 85901

White Mountain Area Post 9907, Veterans of Foreign Wars, is located high in the beautiful White Mountain of Arizona, in the town of Show Low.  We enjoy four seasons, which means those who live in the Valley of the Sun come to enjoy the cool weather in the summer and in the winter the skiers arrive to enjoy the snow. Our canteen offers a place for our members and guests to relax and play pool or throw darts and during the summer season enjoy a good meal.   Our Post is home to three Past Department Commanders, and the current Department of Arizona Junior Vice Commander Tom Judd.  Our Auxiliary is home to one Past Department President and the current Department Auxiliary Chaplain Melody Judd.

VFW Post 9907 officers for 2017-2018

Scott Keil, Commander                                      Jon Dahl, Senior Vice Commander

Greg Kozakiewicz, Junior Vice Commander     Chris Kozakiewicz, Quartermaster
Jack Latham, Judge Advocate                            Jim Zawacki, Chaplain
Dave Ney, Surgeon                                             Brian Tobin, Service Officer
Chris Kozakiewicz, Adjutant                              Donna Holloway, 3 year Trustee
Mike Sipes, 2 year Trustee                                  Terry Hill, 1 year Trustee
Tom Judd, 3 year House Committee                   Hiram Grimm, 2 year House Committee
Larry Legge, 1 year House Committee                Fred Parry , Appointed
Richard Thompson, Appointed
Post Meetings  -  1900 hours, Second Monday of the Month
Auxiliary Meetings - 7:00PM, Second Monday of the Month
Pup Tent 6, MOC - 1830 hours, Third Wednesday of the Month
House Committee - 1000 hours, Sunday before Post meeting
                            SERVICE OFFICER HOURS
Tuesdays  12:00PM - 3:00PM 
Thursday by appointment
Theresa Chavez - Manager
                          - Lead bartender
Canteen hours: 12:00 PM  opening



VFW National Headquarters: http://www.vfw.org/


VFW Department of Arizona:  http://vfwaz.org/

visit us on facebook @ White Mountain Area VFW Post 9907