White Mountain Area
Post 9907
Veterans of Foreign Wars 
Pup Tent 6, Military Order of the Cootie Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month at 1800 hours. 

Military Order of the Cootie

Pup Tent 6 Officers for 2021-2022

Vince Johnson, Seam Squirrel                                           , Blanket Bum
Ken Dominguez, Hide Gimlet                                             Chris Kozakiewicz, CCDB
Russ Taylor, Sky Pilot                                                         Greg Kozakiewicz, Pill Pusher
Chris Kozakiewicz, Hungry Cootie                                     Walter Craig, Shyster
Jack Latham, 3 Year Tightwad                                           Tom Judd, 2 Year Tightwad                              Greg Kozakiewicz, 1 Year Tightwad                                  Don Wozniak, Provost Marshall                    


Our next Scratch is June 15th, 2022 at 6:30pm




M.O.C. Links:


Grand of Arizona:  http://www.arizonacooties.org/


Supreme Headquarters:  http://lotcs.org/


Cootie Courier:  http://lotcs.org/courier.html